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Choice #2 - Create a Country

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Course: World Geography 30-Burr
Book: Choice #2 - Create a Country
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Upon completion of this lesson project the student will be able to:

  • Better understanhow countries of the world use their resources, and support their citizens.
  • Better understand how countries contrast with one another due to geographical factors, culture, religion, etc.
  • Better understand how cities compare with one another due to factors, culture, religion, etc.

This project will test your research skills, your critical thinking skills, and give you an opportunity

to rule your own country.

Assignment - Create a Country

Final project to be presented in ONE power point format (7-9 slides).

Do NOT submit in multiple files.

Preliminary Planning

Start by opening the following Planning Template to use as a guide for outlining and completing this project. (You do NOT have to submit this)

Then, read through both project directions before choosing which one to complete.

Click on the checklist link below TO BE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED EVERYTHING. 

Part I - Research

In this project, you will explore a country of your choice and make a 7-9 page report or slide show (longer with pictures).  

Do NOT list the questions as part of your presentation, just incorporate the answers into your presentation.

Gather enough information so that you can provide at least five graphics of relevant content about your chosen country.
Also include images in your presentation. Be sure to expound on the images by providing informative text (as collected from your Country Questionnaire).  A good resource for information is

Refer to the following sites for additional help:

Other things to include in your power point presentation:

A careful record of your sources and the time you spend on each part. 

A properly formatted bibliography attached to the finished project (see Course Introduction)

Part II - Presentation  of your Country

Create a country of your own. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit. Have fun!
There are just a few 
1.  It must be logical. Don’t have tropical vegetation in a desert for example.
2.  You must answer the same questions for your fictional country as you did for your research country. Use these questions as your checklist for making sure you have addressed all the necessary points for your country. You can add this part to your slide show, or Word document, clearly indicating it is your own country.
3.  Use relevant images, from google, that reflect the nature of your 'created country'.  ie: if your country's climate is tropical, you might include pictures of tropical vegetation.
You MUST not give the same answers for your fantasy country as you did for the country you researched...imagination is important for this part!

Part III: Map

1. Find a detailed map of the country you chose for #1. Be sure the map includes the major cities and bodies of water surrounding it. 
2. Provide the source of the map, and the year it was drawn, if possible.  Add this to the power point or Word document.

Part IV: Drawing Conclusions

Compare and contrast your researched country to your created country. In chart or essay format, give the main similarities and differences. You must mention at least five important similarities or differences.

Conclude your project with several paragraphs explaining which of the two countries (the real one or your creation) you would prefer to live in, if you could, and why (give examples from your project to back it up).

Be sure to include a properly formatted bibliography attached to the finished project (see Course Introduction)

Evaluation and Submission


Project One Rubric

Effectiveness - 30
Sequence of information - 10
Mechanics - 10
Graphics - 20
Organization/Final analysis - 20
Sources - 10
Total - /100

Submit your assignment

Post your completed power point, Word document, or combination in the Project 1 Assignment Folder.
Label it