Defense Mechanisms

Aspects of Defense Mechanisms

Negaitve Aspects

All defense mechanisms are self-deceptive in nature and are used by people who feel threatened.  All people use some or all forms of defense mechanisms; however, continual, indiscriminant use of them can be unhealthy, because a person is treating the symptoms and not the problem. defense mechanisms reduce the guilt and anxiety, but do not remove the factors producing the threat.

When a defense mechanism becomes the dominant mode of problem solving, an individual wastes time and energy.  They direct little effort into constructive work which could be useful in solving the problem.

Positive Aspects

When used in moderation, defense mechanisms can help people adjust to tough situations.  They can absorb the shock of unpleasant reality until the person is ready to face the facts.  They provide temporary protection from problems that are overwhelming.  They allow people to develop proper problem-solving techniques to deal with a situation, without intense pressures.

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