Term 2 Perspective Lessons & Assignments

1 The Music of Asia

Regions of Asia

Asia is the largest continent on Earth. The language, culture, and music across Asia varies greatly. Based on geography, we can divide Asia into 6 regions. In this section, we will be studying some traditional music from India in South Asia, and Japan in East Asia.

History of Asian Music

The music of Asia differs from Western Music because it evolved separately. There was not much contact between Western Europe and Asia until the Renaissance Era, but Asian countries did have some contact and cultural exchange with the Middle East before that time. When Western explorers finally made their way to South and East Asia, those cultures had a history and culture that was already fully developed and had thousands of years of tradition. If you listen to Asian music, there are some elements that you may recognize, but a lot that will be unfamiliar. Instruments, rhythms, form, and scales all evolved independent of Western music traditions, so they might be different from things you have heard before.