Week 8 - Interactions and Ecosystems Unit Test

Review Activity

Review: An Overview of the Module
Textbook Skimming
This module has a few key concepts which should stand out once you have completed all the lessons and activities. You should have learned about how living things interact and interdepend on one another. You will see how changes to the environment can have far reaching effects. As well, we have learned about ways to monitor and manage our global ecosystems so that future generations will be able to sustain an enjoyable way of life for all.
Final Optional Exercise: Skimming Activity
This is an optional activity - complete it only if you feel it will help you in your review. Pull out your textbook and your vocabulary log for this activity.

1. Now that you have a log of all the key terms from the module, I want you to choose 10 of the terms that you are unsure of and use them in a sentence which shows a relationship back to the key concepts for the module listed below:
  • Relationships exist between living things and their environment.
  • The flow of energy and the cycling of matter can be traced and interpreted in the ecosystem.
  • Changes can be observed and monitored in ecosystems.
  • Maintaining sustainable environments requires knowledge, decisions, and actions.
For example:

Ecosystem: There is an ecosystem in my backyard where my dog, Flip, spends hours chasing the birds, lying in the shade, and barking at the neighbours when they play next door.

You can use the glossary at the back of the textbook to learn the meaning of the word. However, I do not want you to write the definition down. You must show that you understand the definition by using the word in a sentence of your own words. If you prefer, you could complete this review activity orally with another person. I do not need to see evidence of this work - this is for your study purposes only.