Week 14 - Plants for Food and Fibre Unit Test

Get Ready:

  • Prepare by studying for the test using your notes, the online course, and (or) the textbook

Get Set:

  • Get a calculator, scrap paper, pencil, eraser
  • Parents have received an email with the unit test passwords and give to the student when ready to write the test
  • Click the image link and enter your password to start your test
  • Write the test- pace yourself and choose "Finish" at the end to submit your test


  • 75 minutes to complete the Unit Test
  • 30 multiple choice questions on the Unit Test
  • 2 Opportunities to take the Unit Test
  • Must wait 24 hours before the next opportunity is available (time to review)

NOTE: All tests are to be completed without the aid of your notes, books, or the help of another person

Unit 2 Test: Plants for Food and Fibre