Week 25 - Material Properties, Joining Materials and Natural Structures

Exercise 3.1

Lesson 3.1: Materials and their Properties

ACTIVITY A: Classifying Material Properties

Required Readings

Science in Action 7
pages 308 to 312

Science Focus 7

pages 282 to 289

As people, we are affected each day by decisions that people have made about materials. Whether we are in a school building constructed from brick or a mall using the latest in building materials. The decisions involve design, practicality and environment awareness. Later on in life you will likely make decisions in the type of materials to be used in the development of new homes.

Things to consider when making decisions about what materials to use for a particular job as adapted from Science in Action 7 page 309.

Properties of Materials
Other Considerations
colour aesthetics
brittleness consumer demand
ductility availability
hardness cost
plasticity effect on the environment
resistance to heat effect on the environment
resistance to water disposal of waste
resistance to wind
tensile strength


Exercise 3.1: Bridge Designer