Week 31 - Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics and Mountain Building

Exercise 3.3

Lesson 3.3: Mountain Building

ACTIVITY A: Mountains

Required Readings

Science in Action 7
pages 402 to 408

Science Focus 7

pages 412 to 416

Mountains are built when the Earth's crust is deformed through heating and pressure. As you learned in earlier lessons, the Earth's plates are constantly moving. The pressure and heat caused by these movements cause rock to fold and fault, creating mountains.

When two sections of the Earth's lithosphere collide along subduction zones, the slabs pile into each other, causing one or both slabs to fold up like an accordion. This process elevates the crust, folds and deforms it heavily, and produces mountains. Mountain building and subduction usually go together. Mountains are usually found along the edge of plates where subduction is or has occurred.

Your textbook has an excellent section on "Mountain Building". Using your textbook, answer the questions below.


Exercise 3.3: Mountain Building