Week 32 - Fossil Evidence and Geological Time

Exercise 4.1

Lesson 4.1: Tracing Evidence of Geological Change Using Fossils

Activity A: Fossils and Time

Required Readings

Science in Action 7
pages 410 to 414

Science Focus 7

pages 418 - 422

People have always been interested in the Earth's early history. The people who study this type of history are called paleontologists. Fossils, whether they be plant or animal remains, give an indication what the environment was like a long time ago. Fossils also can indicate what the earth can expect in the future.

Fossils are traces of once living things that are preserved in rock. Because of how they are deposited in the sediment they can help date the layers of rock.

Make sure you are reading your textbook pages listed on the side before you attempt to answer the questions below.

Exercise 4.1: Fossils and Time

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