Week 2 - Properties of Mixtures and Fluids Using the Particle Model

2 Pure Substances, Mixtures and Solutions

Lesson 6: Pure Substances, Mixtures and Solutions

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Textbook Readings

ScienceFocus 8
Pages 13 to 15
Science in Action 8
s 19 to 23

Pure substances, mixtures and solutions are all important types of substances. Read on to learn more.

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Background Information

In our experience with our everyday world, we see many different kinds of substances. Let's consider three substances that we may see often - a glass of distilled water, muddy river water and clear ocean water. These are all forms of water, but likely only one of them is one you would like to drink.

Experiment Time: Chromatography

When you have completed your notes, do the experiment given in the link to a "Yes Magazine" article below. This experiment shows how the separation method of chromatography can be used in crime (forensic) labs.

Paper Chromatography


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