Week 9 - Characteristics of Living Things

2 What are Living Systems?

Lesson 2

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Lesson 2: What are Living Systems?

He moves like a well oiled machine.
Similar to machines, living organisms are systems. All systems are composed of smaller subsystems which work in groups to perform certain functions.
Background Information

What is a system?
A system is simply a group of parts working together. Both a city and a human are systems because they are both composed of smaller systems which perform certain functions.
Subsystems of the City
Function of the subsystem
Similar Subsystems in Human
City Hall
coordinates all the other systems
Transportation system
transports substances around the system
Heart and Blood
Power Plant
converts energy into a form useable by the system
Digestive System
Waste Management System
removes waste from the system
Kidneys and Bladder

Exercise 1.2: What are living systems?



1. Identify two other systems such as a school or a car (or one of your own choosing). Identify at least two subsystems. Then compare these subsystems to similar subsystems found in humans. (Similar to the above table).

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