Week 13 - Cells and Systems: Disorders

1 Respiratory System Disorders

Lesson 17

Science in Action 8
Pages 161-162
ScienceFocus 8
Page 160
Lesson 17: Respiratory System Disorders

The respiratory system is the part of your body that allows you to take in fresh, oxygen rich air that all your cells need to function well. In addition, this system allows you to breathe out the waste product carbon dioxide that your cells produce as a by product of energy production. Many conditions can interfere with this essential process. You will learn about asthma, bronchitis, and the effects of smoking and air pollution.

Exercise 5.1: Respiratory System

1. List four possible effects of smoking and air pollution on your respiratory system.

2. What is your opinion on the regulation of smoking in public areas? 

"Smoking in public places should be completely banned. " 

Give at least three good reasons in support or in opposition to this position.

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