Week 16 - Light Behaves in Predictable Ways

Lesson 7

Lesson 7: Microscopes, Telescopes, and Binoculars
Science in Action 8
s 182-186, 221-226

Background Information
A compound microscope is used to enlarge small objects. A convex objective lens forms an enlarged image that is further enlarged by an eyepiece lens.
Most telescopes today are reflecting telescopes that use a concave mirror to form a real image that is enlarged by an eyepiece lens. The larger the mirror, the more light it can gather and the better the image formed by the telescope.

Some newer cameras use a lens to form an image on a light-sensitive sensor, and some oldder cameras form an image on light sensitive film.

In this lesson, you will use a combination of your textbook and Internet web sites to learn more about these technological devices.
Exercise 2.3: Microscopes and Binoculars


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