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1.2 Learner Expectations

Information Processing 1030



Student Expectations


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Careful work habits will greatly increase your chances for success in INF1030: Word Processing 1. Read all of the instructions carefully and work thoroughly through the material. Remember, it’s the work and practice you do that will prepare you for the projects. Set realistic goals for yourself each day and stick to them. Do your work regularly and don’t forget to check your work before attempting your assignments.


Student Expectations


To ensure your success in this course, you will do the following:

  • Complete all learning objectives in approximately 25 hours. Depending on your previous skills and experience, the course can take from 16 to 32 hours to complete.
  • Complete training rooms to learn skills.
  • Complete final project activities.
  • Save a copy of all completed activities in appropriate folders. It’s important to save all assignments as evidence of learning for final course evaluation. Review File Management video to set up a folder on your computer.
  • With your teacher, discuss creating a professional portfolio of your best work that you can use to showcase your skills to employers.
  • Identify, demonstrate, and evaluate basic competencies and workstation routines to evaluate your employability skills.
  • Complete a personal inventory, and make career connections to occupations in the field of business and information technology.


You are expected to complete your work in a professional manner and complete all training rooms, checkpoints, time to practice activities, and projects. You are also expected to communicate regularly with your teacher and seek help when you need it.


Checking In


You will be required to communicate regularly with your teacher. Frequent communication with your teacher lets him or her know how you are progressing and allows you to discuss concerns or issues you may have. You can communicate over e-mail or over the phone—whatever suits you and your teacher best.


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The timelines suggested throughout the course are based on a 25-hour course total. You may be able to complete this course in less time, or it may take you a little longer. It should not take more than 32 hours. Check with your teacher to discuss timelines.


Course Outline

Course Orientation


Project 1—Workstation Routines and Management


Project 2—Basic Competencies


Project 3—Documents for Personal Use

  • Training Room 1: Introduction to Microsoft® Word® 2007
  • Training Room 2: Letters and Memos

  • Training Room 3: Graphics

  • Training Room 4: Reports

  • Training Room 5: Tables

Project 4—Final Project

  • Part 1: Letter
  • Part 2: Career Connections Report
  • Part 3: Title Page
  • Part 4: Table


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The assessment for this course will be based on the completion of the following projects: Workstation Routines and Management, Basic Competencies, Documents for Personal Use, and the Final Project.


Basic competencies will be assessed throughout the course at the discretion of your teacher. Refer to the Basic Competencies Rubric for self-assessment.



Workstation skills will also be assessed throughout this course at the discretion of your teacher. Refer to the Workstation Routines Rubric for self-assessment.




Word Processing Skills will be assessed throughout the course. Refer to the INF1030 Word Processing Checklist for self-assessment.



Each part of the Final Project will be assessed individually.