Project 3

1 Project 3

Project 3: Documents for Personal Use

Project 3—Documents for Personal Use


Creating professional-looking documents is a basic skill that will help you in your personal life and as you enter the workforce. In your personal life, you may need to write application letters, personal letters, or perhaps customer complaint letters. For school you need to write term papers, research projects, or even create school newspapers. In the work world, businesses communicate using documents such as letters, reports, tables, brochures, and newsletters, and expect employees entering the workforce to have the skills to quickly prepare these documents and produce professional results.


What Do I Need to Complete This Project?


In order to be successful, you will need

  • access to a computer with word-processing software‚Äîall examples for this module are based on Microsoft Office Word 2007

  • a place to create an INF1030: WP1 folder to save your work (discuss with your instructor as to where to store this folder; e.g., on a network, in a folder, on a flash drive, on your personal desktop)

What Do I Already Know?

  • You have written and received letters, and can determine the differences between personal and business communication.

  • You have seen or created posters.

  • You have created reports for school or extracurricular activities.

  • You have looked at information presented in tables.

What Do I Need To Do?


This project is made up of five training rooms:

  • Training Room 1: Microsoft Word Basics
  • Training Room 2: Letters and Memos
  • Training Room 3: Graphics
  • Training Room 4: Reports
  • Training Room 5: Tables

These training rooms are designed to teach you the basic components of common documents. Training rooms include the following components:

  • information on when to use and how to produce documents you will use at home, school, and work

  • demonstrations that teach basic software commands specific to Microsoft Word 2007

  • practice activities to help you with concepts presented in training rooms

  • opportunities to assess your understanding of the concepts presented in the training rooms

Time to Work


In order to help you plan and organize your time, suggested completion times for each training room are listed below. Depending on your skill and experience, you may work through some training rooms faster, and others may take more time. Working through the training rooms efficiently will ensure that you have enough time to complete the entire course. These are suggested time lines to help keep you on track.



Training Room 1: Microsoft Word Basics

Training Room 2: Letters and Memos

Training Room 3: Graphics

Training Room 4: Reports

Training Room 5: Tables

approx. 30 min

approx. 2.5 hours

approx. 1.5 hours

approx. 2.5 hours

approx. 1 hour


Checking My Work


Once you have completed the training rooms, compare your practice activities to the exemplars provided to determine whether or not you have a good understanding of the concepts presented. Make sure to contact your instructor if you have questions about this process.


Use the INF1030: Word Processing 1 Software Skills Checklist to evaluate your level of understanding, and check off the skills that you are able to demonstrate as you progress through the training rooms. You must be competent in all software skills presented in the training rooms before beginning your final project. Print or save a copy of the Software Skills Checklist now.


You can repeat training rooms and demonstrations as necessary if you have difficulties with the software or if your work differs from the exemplars. You can also refer to Help menus and online references for software training and demonstrations. If you have any problems, your instructor is there to help.


Going Beyond


Information processing is one of many courses related to the business world. Consider taking other Business, Administration, and Information Technology courses to round out your learning experience. You might also be interested in other courses on the Microsoft Office suite of programs:


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