Project 4

1 Project 4

Project 4: Fnal Project

Project 4—Final Project



Before beginning the final project, determine your readiness for final evaluation by making sure that you are confident in demonstrating all of the skills on the Software Skills Checklist.



You have learned some important word-processing skills in this course. Now it is time to demonstrate your skills by preparing documents for your final assessment. Keep in mind that you may use this final project to begin creating a professional portfolio of your work to show potential employers or post-secondary institutions.


Discuss with your teacher a method for submitting your final project: print or digital.


What Is Required to Complete this Project?


In order to complete this project, you will need

  • directions to complete the four final project pieces
  • the Final Assessment Rubric for the final project activities

What Do I Already Know?


Through the training rooms you have learned the skills necessary to complete the final projects.  The point of this project is to assess your word-processing skills to earn credit for INF1030: Word Processing 1.  If you need help the training rooms can serve as a reference, as can Microsoft Office Help.


What Do I Need To Do?

  1. Create a Final Project folder in your INF1030: WP1 folder.

  2. Print and review the Final Project Assessment Rubric to understand how your work will be evaluated.

  3. Complete each of the four final projects.

  4. Save each final project into your Final Project folder.

  5. Self-evaluate your work to ensure that you have met the Final Project Assessment criteria. By using the rubric to help you self-assess your work, you can catch any mistakes or errors prior to turning in your project for evaluation.

  6. Discuss with your teacher a method for submitting your final project for evaluation.

  7. Complete the Workstation Routines Rubric.

  8. Complete the Basic Competencies Rubric.