El Nino and La Nina

Assignment -El Nino/La Nina

Presentation (Complete both sections of this presentation)

1.  El Nino/La Nina Presentation (this to be a power point presentation - 3 to 4 slides)

Your task is to imagine that you are asked to present to a group of junior high students, explaining the weather phenomena of El Nino/La Nina. 


  • Your power point presentation should be thoroughly researched, but will be written on a level in which your Junior High audience can understand.
  • Define the what, where, who, when and why.
  • Your presentation should be approximately 3-4 slides with graphics and text that you could use to help guide you through.
  • Slides 1-3 should contain relevant images, informative captions and your sources.  
  • Slide 4 should contain your written speech.  (written version of speech only, it does NOT have to be recorded)


First, watch the short introductory video on El Nino/La Nina below.

Then research El Nino/La Nina

(use only articles about the Western World). 



 2.  Written speech (to be included on the final slide - you do NOT need to record your speech, just submit a written version)  

  • After completing your power point, write a speech that would coincide with your presentation.
  • Your speech should ....
  • include an introduction, body and closing.  
  • expand on the information presented in your power point.
  • discuss specific El Nino and La Nina's details and address what, when, why, where and how questions.   
  • In summary - your presentation should serve as a good visual of your topic, and should include point form captions.  
  • Your speech should serve as a more detailed explanation of what is presented on your power point.  

3.  Finally....

  • Do not to plagiarize (copy) any information from your sources.  If you use direct quotes, you must indicate so by using quotation marks.
  • Credit all sources in a properly formatted bibliography included within the finished presentation.  (see Course Introduction for format)