Political & Economic Organizations - Additional Reading

Traditional Social Organization


Nations in the Blackfoot Confederacy had many societies with responsibilities that covered spiritual and administrative functions.  Societies included members from all the clans and most were male oriented and age graded.  This meant that as a boy got older, his responsibilities became more complex.  Elders who were heads of societies were held in great esteem and would be supported by the younger members of the society.

At a young age, I became an active member of the Blood Tribe Horn society, Brave Dog society and the Prairie Chicken society of the Siksika Nation.  Through these society memberships, I have received knowledge of traditional teachings and doctrines from my spiritual grandparents.  I encourage youth to pursue these societies as they assist in your understanding of our unique culture and language.  The ability to speak and understand your language makes it a lot easier to comprehend these teachings and society rituals.

Les Buckskin Jr., Blood Tribe