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Metis National Council

Metis MapThe Métis National Council (MNC)'s goals are to represent and promote the interests of the Metis Nation by: 

  • restoring Metis lands and resources
  • achieving full recognition of the historical contributions of the Métis Nation to Canada
  • developing cooperative relations with Canadian governments
  •  promoting progress among Métis people
  •  preserving Métis culture.

The MNC today has provincial associations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.  The provincial associations are responsible for representing all Metis people in their province.  Each provincial association has an elected council and sends representatives to the MNC. In 2001, The MNC formed the Metis National Cabinet.  It is responsible for policy making in areas of culture and heritage, economic development, environment, health, international affairs, social development, women’s issues and youth.

Each provincial association has regional councils, each with its own constitution.  Although each region has a different set of rules, common to all is the principal that all Métis people are allowed to participate. Because Métis peoples were not included in the Indian Act or any other federal legislation until 1982, they have always been active at the provincial level.

Métis Nation of Alberta

The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) was formed in 1932 to represent the interests of landless Métis people in Alberta. Its main goal was to reestablish a land and resource base for Métis people in Alberta. In 1938, they were successful and the Alberta government created twelve Métis settlements in the north-central part of the province.  Today the MNA represents the interests of all the Métis people in Alberta, including the many Métis people who do not live on one of the Métis Settlements,  It has programs that further Métis people’s political, economic, social, educational and cultural development.