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Inuit Literature

Because of their geographic isolation from most of the European people who settled in North America, Inuit cultures, in general, suffered less disruption than First Nations and Metis communities in southern Canada.  Many contemporary Inuit writers celebrate the continuation of their traditions and question how to combine their traditions with modern cultural influences.

Journalism is often a popular format to show political consciousness and an adept use of the English language by the Inuit people.  For example, Tagak Curley wrote the following passage for Maclean’s Magazine in 1986:

Our land has never been conquered.  If it was, we would be wiped out of our culture.  The minute we step out of our community we are in our historical environment.  But not down south. Indian people have to cope with that.  They were deprived of their wildlife, their land. But we have something that helped out people. Our environment is harsh.  Who would want to live here?