Unit 1: World Patterns of Physical Elements


Why study geography? Please watch the following video.

Upon completion of this lesson project the student will be identify the major physical elements of geography.

Geography consists of at least two different sub-fields of knowledge with similar methodology: Physical geography and human geography. The following table also helps to make the differences between these two types of geography more apparent. This table describes some of the phenomena or elements studied by each of these sub-fields of knowledge. Knowing what kinds of things are studied by geographers provides us with a better understanding of the differences between physical and human geography.

 Retrieved from: http://www.physicalgeography.net/fundamentals/1b.html

Table 1b-1: Some of the phenomena studied in physical and human geography.

 Physical Geography

 Human Geography

 Rocks and Minerals





 Economic Activities




 Recreational Activities




 Political Systems

 Rivers and Other Water Bodies

 Social Traditions


 Human Migration

 Climate and Weather

 Agricultural Systems


 Urban Systems


Let's see what you know already. We often don't think about the physical geography of a place until it impacts our lives. Take the GEOGRAPHY QUIZ to see what geography skills you have!