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Unit 1 - Keeping Healthy (Due Week 10) Assignment 4 - Healthy Chow Time (Due Week 8)


Healthy eating can be as simple as making a few adjustments to what you are already eating. 

Step 1.    Look over this website.

Step 2.  Chose two helpful hints related to healthy eating.  Post your two hints along with a sentence or two explaining the hint (in one posting).  You need ...

Unit 2 - Keeping Safe (Due Week 13) Assignment 8 - Safe Online (Due Week 13)

As we have seen, there is a wealth of health information on line.  Some websites are good sources of health information and some are not. 

Step 1   Look over this document (What Makes a Web Source Good).

Step 2.  Go on line and view a number of health web sources.  These sources can deal with ...

Unit 3 - Keeping Control (Due Week 17) Assignment 10 - Keeping Control (Due Week 15)

When we are placed in stressful situations there are a range of responses we can give.  Each person is unique and their response will be different. 

For example- In a certain situation one person may get angry and shout while another will be quiet and turn red faced.   Why do people react ...

Unit 4 - Keeping Involved (Due Week 23) Assignment 17 - Involved Effectively (Due Week 23)

We can be a member of a group but find out that the group has not been effective in doing group work.  In this forum, you will make a posting related to effective group practices. 

Step 1 - Do some research on effective group practices and look for information on what makes a group effective.