Assignment 8 - Safe Online (Due Week 13)

As we have seen, there is a wealth of health information on line.  Some websites are good sources of health information and some are not. 

Step 1   Look over this document (What Makes a Web Source Good).

Step 2.  Go on line and view a number of health web sources.  These sources can deal with exercise, nutrition, medication, diseases, hygiene, or any other health related topic.  As you look at the web sources keep in mind what makes a web source good.  You will need to choose one site for your forum posting.

Step 3   You will post a topic in the forum.  Give a link to the website and then give three reasons why this is a good source.  Be sure to choose the reasons from the document (What Makes a Web Source Good).  Make sure that you give specifics from the website to support what you are saying (quotes, specific details given, etc.)

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