Unit 3 Heat and Temperature Materials List

This resource gives a list of materials that are used for specific activities for Unit 3: Heat and Temperature. Please check in the unit itself to determine if an activity is optional.



A very large jar with screw-on lid
Some small stones
Sand (if you have it)
A small plant or two of any type
Moist potting soil
A large bottle cap or a small lid filled with water

Exercise 1.3A - Make your own Water Cycle
Large bowl
Drinking glass
A number of stones or heavy, small objects
Small amount of dirt
Clear plastic wrap
Exercise 1.3B - Solar Water Cleaner
Three large containers - two must be large enough to submerge your entire hand. The third must be large enough to submerge both your hands at the same time. You also need cold water, room temperature water, and hot (not boiling) water. Exercise 2.1 - Can your senses be trusted?
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