Ideas for Assignments and Presentations

Ideas for Presentations and Assignments: 

  • drawings 
  • demonstration 
  • maps 
  • radio/TV Talk Show 
  • mural 
  • interview 
  • poster 
  • written report 
  • diorama 
  • speech 
  • chart or graph 
  • poems 
  • cartoons 
  • journal 
  • models 
  • song 
  • booklet 
  • photographs 
  • letter 
  • video - yourself speaking, puppet shows, photo mash-up, lego animations (just to name a few)
  • slide presentations 

Below you will find a small list of digital tools that you might want to use: Most of these are free or free to use for a certain number of times (Read carefully before signing up!

It is fun to use digital tools for assignments; however, remember that it's all about the CONTENT. The presentation format makes it fun for you and interesting for your audience but in this course, it is the demonstration of your knowledge and understanding of the information that is important. Again, check with your teacher to ensure that the venue and format that you may want to use is acceptable.


Create slideshows set to music with Animoto. Animoto offers a free version for educators so that your students can put pictures and text together. Once they have their content in place, they choose a song from Animoto’s song library and everything is mashed together into a cool, engaging video presentation.


Make online posters with Glogster. You can choose the free version or purchase a subscription for more features.  Students can then create posters, called glogs, that include images, videos, audio and other interactive elements to help present their information.


Prezi works similarly to a typical slideshow, but it takes it to another dimension. Zoom in and out of sections of slides for emphasis. Rotate slides and add other animations. Prezi makes your typically PowerPoint presentation or other slideshows a little more exciting. 


Instead of a slideshow or poster, how about a scrapbook? Mixbook allows you to create digital scrapbooks. With the applications wide selection of backgrounds, templates, and pictures, you can create a professional-looking scrapbook.  While you have the option of printing the scrapbook, you can also simply share it and view it online.

Web Poster Wizard

Web Poster Wizard allows teachers to create class pages and add students to their accounts. From there, teachers can assign projects to students. Students can create their own pages, add images and include links related to the projects and display their research on their own pages.

Art Skills

Art Skills is known for its art supply products, but it also offers a free online poster maker.  Use the poster maker to create posters that stand out.  Included with the poster maker are digital versions of many of Art Skills actual poster making products.  When finished, share your poster online, download and print it or buy a professionally printed copy.

Museum Box

Turn a research project or autobiography into a museum exhibit with Museum Box. Upload pictures, videos, and audio files and add descriptions to create your own mini-exhibit on any topic. Viewers can then travel through the museum gallery to view all that you have included in your exhibit.


VoiceThread makes slideshows audible and interactive. A slideshow is created with video, images, and documents.  Users or the slideshow’s creator then enhance the slideshow by leaving audio comments or by doodling on the slides.


Kizoa is a tool for creating photo and video slideshows and collages. The different image editors allow you to add filters and special effects to photos and videos. You also have the ability to add music to enhance the presentation.

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