How This Course Works

  • To begin, click on the "Title" of the unit you are working on at present. This will take you to the content of the course. The course is divided into "Lessons" and each lesson has sub-lessons and quizzes. Read through the information given, complete the quizzes and then complete the assignments as you get to them.
  • Every theme has assignments and a culminating unit project that must be completed. The midterm project and final project are worth double the marks of other projects. 
  • At any time, if you would like to look through the assignments for a theme, there is a menu on the side of the main screen labeled "Assignment Links". By clicking on these links, you will be taken directly to a particular assignment. Please do not attempt assignments without completing the readings.


  • Assignments: 40%
  • Projects: 40%

*Please note that your midterm and final projects are worth x2 of the unit projects.

Go to PowerSchool to check your grades not Gradebook in Moodle.


  • Students can access the course DAILY at any time.
  • Assignments are due usually every second week. (SEE DUE DATES)
  • All  assignments must be submitted in a timely manner, however, St. Gabriel school provides you with flexibility should you require extensions. Thank you for choosing online schooling! Please contact your teacher to set up an alternate, specific due date if you are going to be late with an assignment.

    • Students MUST be logged in, up to date with submissions, and progressing through the course.
      At MIDTERM, student progress will be reviewed.

    • IMPORTANT! If a student is not progressing through the course by mid point, the student/ parent will be contacted to indicate that the student's moodle account and access to the course has been suspended. 

    • It is up to the student to then contact the teacher directly if the student wishes to remain in the course.  Next steps for a completion plan will be discussed with the teacher and administration if the student has been approved to continue.

    • THE END of TERM final date for assignment submissions will NOT BE EXTENDED.
      Please know your course's END DATE.
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