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How Do I Upload My Assignments into Moodle?

For this course, you will use your Google Docs account from Red Deer Catholic Schools ( account).  All of your assignments need to be created using Google.   Do not cut and paste your assignments from Word to Google! Google allows the teacher to see a time stamped revision history of all of your work; thus, this authenticates that it is your work.

To submit a Google doc, you need to watch the short video below or follow the detailed steps.
1. Go to Google Drive.
2. Make sure that you are signed into your Chrome Browser as well so that you can use all of the assistive technology tools that have been purchased for you. 
3. Go to Drive and click on "New".
4. Create the type of document that you need - doc, presentation, form, spreadsheet, etc...
5. Click on the top right-hand corner - "Share".
6. You will be asked to "Name Your Document"  "firstnamelastnameAssignmenttitle" ex. "JaneDoeOrigins Project (T1)".
7. Click on the bottom right-hand corner - "Show Advanced".
8. Share your document giving "Editing Privileges" to
9. Click send.
10. Copy the link given at the top using (Control - C) and click done.
11.  Go to your assignment submission box and click in the text box and paste your URL using (Control- V). 
12. Highlight your URL and click on the first link button (looks like a chain link on the toolbar)  Repaste your link so that your URL becomes active.  (See video if you have trouble).
13. Click "Submit Assignment". 

If you wish to Upload a picture or supplementary information:

1. Click on "upload files" button.
2. Click on the "add"... button.
3. In the left-hand menu find "Upload a file" click on it.
4. Now you will see a "Browse" button.
5. Find your file on your computer.
6. Make sure that it is named properly for easy identification by your instructor.
7. Double click on file...this will place it in the space in front of the browse button.
8. Click on the "Upload this file" button...
10. Congrats!! have just uploaded your file.
11. You will now find your file at the bottom of your page; and when you are ready click on the "Submit Assignment" button at the bottom of the page.

Good Luck!!!

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