Online Resources

  1. Canadian Museum of History: A History of the Native People of Canada - The purpose of this study is to provide a wide readership with information on the history of the Native peoples prior to the dislocating incursions of Europeans into the territory now known as Canada.
  2. This is a link to the Index page of the Indigenous site. It provides a wealth of information relating to Indigenous peoples. Because the page is created by UBC, a focus is on the First Nations populations of the coastal region, but you will find a significant amount of information pertaining to First Nations and Métis peoples in Canada.
  3. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Indigenous Peoples and Communities: This page is the 'gateway' to a wealth of information about the past, present and the future of Indigenous Peoples in Canada
  4. The Canadian Encyclopedia: This site provides information on specific Indigenous groups and has collections (along the right-hand side of the linked page) relating to First Nations, Inuit and Métis.
  5. Mi'kmaq Spirit Home Page: This this site was created in order to give people a reliable place to find accurate information about the Mi'kmaw people and their culture, their history, and their spirituality.
  6. Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples - Main Menu: This site is a 'goldmine' of cited and relevant information about the past, present and future of Aboriginal people in Canada. 
  7. Historical Economic Perspectives of Aboriginal Peoples: Cycles of Balance and Partnership - Joint Project of Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers and the Royal Bank of Canada - October, 1997
  8. Through an Aboriginal Lens:  This site was created by the Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British Columbia (NCCABC). Their Mission Statement is "A Helping Hand to Justice". This site provides both current and past information about beliefs, values, issues, and programs to provide information to Aboriginal youth. 
  9. Métis Nation: Current affairs and events pertaining to the Métis Nation. Brochure
  10. Métis Nation of Alberta: The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) is the provincial representative voice of approximately 96,000 Métis Albertans.
  11. Canada in the Making - Archives - Aboriginals: Treaties & Relations - This site looks at treaties and laws, and the events that preceded and followed these changes from 1492 until 2003.
  12. Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research: According to the website, 'This website is the most comprehensive attempt to chronicle traditional Métis history and culture on the World Wide Web and contains a wealth of primary documents – oral history interviews, photographs, and various archival documents – in visual, audio and video files.' In addition, many of our proven resources such as Steps in Time and Gabriel Dumont: Métis Legend have also been added to this site. Finally, new material, suitable for general information and for educators, has also been commissioned for The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture.
  13. Aboriginal Peoples - A Fact Sheet for Canada: Statistics Canada fact sheet based on the 2011 Census. Use with caution as a census only represents those individuals who filled out the census for themselves and their families. Information may not be accurate and may misrepresent the reality of the situation. The census is not culturally sensitive and does not take into account factors such as the geographic region or the definition of 'family'.
  14. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is an international instrument adopted by the United Nations on September 13, 2007, to enshrine (according to Article 43) the rights that “constitute the minimum standards for the survival, dignity, and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the world.” 
  15. Assembly of First Nations - This site holds a significant amount of information about the efforts of the First Nations Chiefs to address issues relevant to the Canadian Aboriginal. It also has links to Provincial organizations.
  16. The Raven and the First Men: From Conception to Completion - Bill Reid is one of Canada’s most distinguished sculptors. One of the greatest achievements in his illustrious career is the monumental sculpture, The Raven and the First Men. This sourcebook tells the story of how this masterpiece, beloved by Canadians and a favourite of UBC Museum of Anthropology patrons, came to be.

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